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February 19, 2019

if there was a ZERO star I would give it to you. You and your so called staff are all RUDE. you don't know how to treat customers. People come a long way to get to your store and bare the fact of no parking around you and you put TIMERS and give NUMBERS to people and you think people are a waste of time if they don't pay for your garbage jersey dresses that you sell for $700 and more. people please save a lot of time, money and your integrity and go elsewhere. there are many stores with nice owners who know how to treat people right. examples downtown,: Belo Fashions, Esti just down the street. uptown: Shahani, dressroom, amandalinas and Mona Ricci. i'm sure everyone who has been there and seen your attitude would never come back.
March 2, 2017

Went during the week for a prom dress for my daughter. Terrific experience with lots of great choices.
Alex was the sales girl that helped my daughter and she worked very hard to make sure my daughter left happy and received the attention she needed.
I only wish we started here because it would have been easier to go to just one store! they have all the choices you need!!!!
February 29, 2012

I recently took my niece on a prom dress shopping day of the city, and I mean the CITY of Toronto. Every shop we could think of, including the big one's that I don't need to name. All had things she liked and disliked just like anywhere else. The same issues that kept occurring were the stock. Whenever she found something she liked, no store ever had the right size, or had it in stock period.

We then took a drive to Madeline's on Avenue Rd. Upon entering the store we immediately knew this would be the place to buy. For starters, the staff actually know their stock! Everyone there is very knowledgeable and helpful. The staff actually asked questions about what my niece was looking for in a dress and hand picked her a few options to try on. She found one she absolutely fell in love with but didn't quite fit. Here is where this store really stands apart from all the others...they said "no problem, we will have it altered for you." They have their own alterations on site and can customize anything they have! This apparently is extremely rare in this city. We bought, my nice is happy! This isn't just a dress store, it's a one on one experience. I have been to many fashion capitals of the world with my wife and I have only seen a very small handful of places like Madeline's. They run a very clean, tight ship. All dresses are chosen for you by the staff to keep from getting dirty fingers placed on them. There is nothing worse than finding a great article of clothing somewhere only to find it marked by food stained hands, or threads pulled by accident. This is a great touch of class. You wouldn't walk into a Ferrari dealership and sit in one while eating a hot dog would you?

Thank you for the fabulous shopping experience!
October 27, 2011

I walked in 3 days before the party multiple choices beautiful gowns they also keep a registry of who buys what not to sell the same thing for the same party a must just on the selection staff was great ....Lori
July 25, 2011

let it be said that sometimes you just need to be willing to try on something out of your comfort zone. My mother and I both went here to get dresses for my nephew's wedding and were pleasantly surprised. Both of us bought sale rack dresses and both of purchased dresses we NEVER would have picked up on our own. The staff (maybe not the teenage girls) are able to assess your size and body shape to determine what style looks best on you. Definitely not something every woman wants to hear "not best for your shape", but perhaps the honesty they need.
March 28, 2011

wow, if you need good solid advice on what suitS your body and brings out your elegance, then let madeline staff help you choose from the many gorgeous dresses. I have had so many people admire all of the dresses I bought at this boutique
September 4, 2010

I am so impressed with this store. Waiting until the last few weeks before my daughters wedding I had little time to find a dress. I went on Avenue Road with the intent of hitting all of the bridal shops, thinking I could by a sample if I found one. Madeline's was on my list. It was the last store I went into for a reason....I found my dress. They pulled 5 dresses for me and 4 of them were stunning and complimented my figure. They didnt only have size 10 dresses to try on they had varying sizes. You will not find these dresses anywhere else. They knew what would look good on me. They are not cheap but worth it. I will not be shopping there on a regular basis but anytime I have an event coming up that requires something formal Madeline's will be the ONLY store on my list. ps The staff were amazing. They knew what would look good on me, when I couldnt decided between the final two they leaned me towards the one lower in price knowing it would be the best for me.
April 1, 2010

Madelines Dress Boutique was referred to me by a friend....I could not stop thanking my friend!! First of all the selection is incredible, beautiful cocktail and evening dresses. Both husband and wife (owners) will help you make your selctions to try on and are honest. They take the time to show you what looks good on you and for your body type. Great store..great service!!
October 11, 2009

My daughters wedding was this past Aug. 29th and I had a lot of time to shop for my mother of the bride dress. I am from Niagara on the Lake and "stumbled" on this wonderful dress shop. The owners were wonderful and so helpful...they listened to me and literally pulled all the styles and colours that I "had in mind" and they even had a few suggestions of their own. After my first visit, I had planned a trip to New York city to keep looking for my dress and even shopped at the famous Kleinfelds (Say Yes to the dress). After my weekend, I made the trip back to Madelines to purchase THE most gorgeous dress for the wedding. I received sooooooo many compliments the day of the wedding. My other daughter just got first shopping trip for my dress will be Madelines. You guys are Brilliant!! Thank you for making me look simply gorgeous!
June 23, 2009

I have passed by Madeline's several times and noticed the various selection of dresses they had displayed in the windows every week and I thought to myself I want to bring in my niece because she was looking for a prom dress this year. The staff at the store were very helpful in choosing the right style and fit of Prom dress for her frame and were not afraid to say if the dress did was not her type. I would definitely will be returning to pickup a dress for my sisters wedding later this fall year.